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Tapping into your intuitive wisdom seems like a great thing to do. It helps us grow spiritually and connects us to our inner self. Following our intuitive guidance can help us feel confident to make choices about our relationships, job, where we put our focus of attention and it also gives us a compass to chart the unpredictable waves of life.

Sometimes it can feel that some people have a hot line to their intuition and that they live their lives very instinctively, with little effort. However, I like to think of it as a muscle we can can develop with time and practice and I've definitely learnt and keep on learning, through trial and error what my inner voice sounds like.

Acting on the smallest nudge, the faint whisper in the distance, can start your wonderful journey of listening and strengthening your intuition. Getting into nature can be a great way of finding stillness and connection.

Allow yourself to be still and to open up your heart space quietens the noise from both inside and outside your body. Pose a question and see what answer rises up within you.

Here is a really simple and lovely exercise that you can use to tap into your unconscious knowing if you feel you don't get any answers straight away. This example is great for understanding about a relationship.

Find a piece of paper and answer instinctively and spontaneously the following questions: What is the colour of this relationship? What is the shape of this relationship? What is the temperature of this relationship (cold, cool, tepid, warm, hot)? Which sound from nature characterises the relationship? What is the scent / aroma of the relationship? If it were a food, which food? If it were an animal, which animal? If it were a plant (of any kind inc trees etc) which plant? If it were a bird, which bird is it? If it were a fairy-tale character, which is it? If it were a season, which season? What weather is the weather of the relationship? When you have answered the questions, take some time to reflect on the patterns between your answers. What does this tell you about the way you are experiencing the relationship? What does it illuminate that you were not aware of before?

It's worth noting that sometimes, holding on to deep emotions can have the effect of dampening our intuitive voice. Like putting a thick blanket over the core of inner knowing, which muffles what we hear. I remember having to learn this when I was going through a period of holding onto some unresolved resentment about a way I had been treated that had been very painful. I was looking for inner wisdom about a relationship but I felt insecure and full of self doubt. I didn't feel able to know myself or hear what my intuition was saying at all, despite my usual practice to become aligned and grounded. I was gently nudged by a wise teacher that I maybe I needed free up my inner voice by going deeper into the release of the the emotions I was still carrying.

This advice has stayed with me and I gives me opportunity to explore my deeper emotions when I am in a period of self doubt.

Drumming is also a great tool for stilling the mind and allowing the inner connection to grow. Another beautiful practice is shamanic journeying. Developing a relationship with power animals and guides is a wonderful way of confirming your intuition or finding new guidance.

If you are interested in exploring this further or are looking to release unhelpful emotional blockages or beliefs, then feel free to message me.

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