About Me

It's great to meet you! I'm Sarah. I currently live in Marlow, UK with one of my adult sons and my gorgeous old lab, Barney. I have a Masters degree in Music Education and am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and sound healing therapist.


I've always had itchy feet to be going places, so I've done a lot of travelling that began with a 4 month trip to Kolkata to work with street children when I was a student. From that experience grew a love of travel to unusual places, but also a deep connection with people. I began to see the world differently and it ignited a passion in me to use whatever I had to help others , in some way or another. 

I do also think that my motivation has also come from knowing what it's like to feel incomplete, not good enough; like I had more to me than what I was living out. That feeling had been with me most of my life and although outwardly I may have seemed confident , inside I didn't believe in myself. Deep down I felt like I might show myself up, that I wouldn't really be able to make it on my own, that somehow certain successes were not attainable for me. 


My love of music started at an early age and it was really out of a motivation to try to establish something for myself. My older sister was very academic and I found it difficult to shine, so music provided me with both an outlet for expression and also a way of having something that was "mine".  I loved singing and I would sit on my swing at home for hours just singing whatever came into my head. It made me feel happy and I loved the sense of connection that arose inside me. Later that expression found itself with the piano and this today is still my happy place. Sitting at the piano for a couple of hours , losing myself in music. I trained to become a teacher and music has featured very heavily in all aspects of my life.


After a failed marriage and a 3 year stay in Switzerland for another relationship that didn't work, I started to evaluate where I was in my life. I hadn't experienced therapy and I didn't really want to. I thought life was about moving forward, not dwelling on the past, but it was becoming apparent to me that I needed to make some changes to how I thought about myself so that I wouldn't keep making the same mistakes. I trained in hypnotherapy and found such profound healing for myself that enabled me to shift that old mindset and to realise that my life could be whatever I wanted it to become!

This has been nothing short of life changing and since then everything has moved forward so much. I later discovered sound healing therapy which I totally adore as a modality for allowing deep healing to take place through music. It suddenly became obvious that all those hours on the piano and the swing had been that therapy for me all along, I had just never really contemplated how it all fitted together. 

So, my life's purpose really has become about utilising what I know and my love for all things music related to help others. I do that through my music and sound related work; running sound baths and meditations, composing music and offering sound healing sessions to clients individually. I also combine that with hypnotherapy as I believe its important to deal with both the mind ( thoughts and beliefs about ourselves ) with releasing stuck energy and emotions we store in the body. 


I am totally grateful that I am able to do this work and I hope my story inspires you to believe that its possible for you also to awaken the song of your soul, to live your life doing what you love, to find that sense of joy and confidence where life is a huge adventure that fills you with purpose and passion.


What do I do?


I primarily work with women who want to get past limiting beliefs, particularly in the areas of:​

  • Confidence

  • Difficulties with Self-Esteem

  • Lack of purpose

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and Phobias

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Life Transitions

I offer sessions in sound healing, hypnotherapy and combined modality sessions tailored to your needs.

I also run group courses in confidence and speaking your truth, please see the workshop page. 

I run sound meditations and sound baths, gong baths, compose meditational music and offer piano lessons from my home or online.