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RTT Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful and effective way to make rapid, long lasting changes to your life. It does this by combining hypnotherapy and elements of psychotherapy. Unlike other forms of hypnotherapy RTT goes deeper, removing old patterns of behaviour that are deep rooted, before replacing them with new positive beliefs and behaviours.

Sometimes we want to get past something and we consciously know what we should do, we may have read several books on the subject or have tried willpower and positive affirmations. But we can easily get drawn back into our old ways of thinking and the mindsets we hold about ourselves; who we are and what we can achieve, that we formed when we were younger. 

By passing the conscious mind and going straight to the subconscious, it is possible to quickly and effectively go to where the beliefs were first formed, to enable the client to be able to recognise where they started and then let them go. We then work around building new, more positive beliefs aligned to what they want. This offers real and long lasting changes of thoughts and behaviour. Clients are given an audio recording of the new positive beliefs to listen to for a period of 21 days or more , allowing new neural pathways of thinking to develop in the mind. Sessions are available both in person and online. 

Who can hypnotherapy help?

RTT Hypnotherapy has helped many many clients with a range of issues including:



Self Confidence 

Self Belief/ Worth
Relationship Issues

Public Speaking 

NLPt Trauma Therapy


This is specifically for those suffering the ongoing effects of a trauma memory. It desensitises the memory and allows the client reconciliation by reworking it. Essentially , when we are exposed to a traumatic event the memory can get stuck in the amygdala, thus creating a sympathetic nervous system flight/freeze response. PTSD is this response stuck on repeat. The sessions facilitate the reworking of the memory so it can be stored in the hippocampus and processed as a long term memory without the triggering responses.

This therapy is effective for both simple and complex PTSD and gets good results in up to 3 sessions. It gives the client control and safety. 

How do I know it's PTSD?


Where you sense yourself disregulating ( ie: going into a flight or freeze response ) or if you dissociate in certain situations that you find emotionally difficult ( are physically present but drift away almost like out of body experiences ) its likely that you have some degree of PTSD. This is especially evident if you have flashbacks, nightmares or intrusive thoughts about the trauma memory. 

Dealing with trauma can seem scary and difficult  - our natural response is to move away from things that are troubling, but sometimes we need help in processing those memories before we can move on. This therapy is dealt with sensitively and with a caring , supportive framework where you are gently moved forward to a more healthy and happy state where memories are put in their rightful place.

"I was exposed to the shocking traumatic event which came along with a scary dream. I was experiencing PTSD symptoms, especially nightmares, flashbacks and fears were very vivid. I was searching for someone who can guide me safely through it and who can release trauma from my nervous system that I can feel safe again. Sarah did that within 2 sessions. She is such an amazing therapist and guide. She made me feel safe and I felt very confident and confortable working with her. I trusted her fully. It Is truly amazing how my body and mind worked together and how all fears were released. I felt very calm yet empowered after our session. Next night I woke up during the night - there were no fears.

I'm forever grateful to you Sarah, you are doing an amazing job."


Lucia, France 

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