RTT Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful and effective way to make rapid, long lasting changes to your life. It does this by combining hypnotherapy and elements of psychotherapy. Unlike other forms of hypnotherapy RTT goes deeper, removing old patterns of behaviour that are deep rooted, before replacing them with new positive beliefs and behaviours.

Sometimes we know we want to get past something and we can consciously know what we should do, we may have read several books on the subject or have tried willpower and positive affirmations. But we can easily get drawn back into our old ways of thinking and the mindsets we hold about ourselves; who we are and what we can achieve, that we formed when we were younger. 

By passing the conscious mind and going straight to the subconscious, it is possible to quickly and effectively go to where the beliefs were first formed, to enable the client to let go of those beliefs which then gives them much greater freedom to go on and fulfil who they really are.

Who can hypnotherapy help?

RTT Hypnotherapy has helped my clients with proven long lasting results with many issues including:


Self Confidence 

Self Belief/ Worth
Relationship Issues

Finding your Purpose 

Speaking your Truth

Public Speaking