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Sound Healing

Are you interested in learning Sound Healing?

I offer workshop courses with the Sound Healing Academy to learn the fundamentals of Sound Healing.

Workshops are offered at weekends in the South East. 


Level 1 

This workshop gives you the basic skills in Sound Healing , covering 6 areas:

Tibetan Bowls 

Crystal Bowls



Tuning Forks 


Next Level 1 course is in Marlow in June and Ealing/Greenford in August 


Level 2 

Building on Level 2 and giving you a full range of skills to be able to assess a client's energy and carry out a full session. Leading to diploma level.

Next Level 2 One to One clients is September 2024

view the course here

Next Level 2 for working with Groups is in April 2024 view the details here

Here's what some of my students have to say about the course:



What an incredible journey! Meeting wonderful, open minded people , inspiring teachers and a course that led us all to a deeper understanding of the sound bath process. We learnt how to hold a space and create beautiful sound journeys and to take that out to the world with confidence. 

I loved seeing everyone grow in confidence and experiencing the different themes. Also seeing how the same ten steps can create hugely different sound baths. The course is practically perfect in every way!

Nicky G ( Level 2) 


I had a great time on this course, meeting and learning from an awesome group. The teaching and guidance is wonderful.

I like how the course is very interactive and practical. I spent a lot of time playing and learning form everybody. I couldn’t suggest how to improve this workshop – its perfect!

Turk ( Level 2) 


Sarah has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. I loved working with her and having her impart her practical advice. She creates a beautiful space for learning and healing.

I really liked the I person listening and being able to partake in a variety of sessions and watching the techniques. I loved meeting so many people, I learnt from every single person there. I highly recommend the course – thank you!

Gina D ( Level 2) 


What a wonderful experience. I learnt so much but it’s the memory of the energy and sense of community that will stay with me forever. I loved everything about it.

Kathryn ( Level 2) 


I feel like I have gained so much knowledge in the short space of time. Sarah and the other teachers have been wonderful, explaining everything in detail, offering advice and allowing plenty of time to absorb the information. I’ve really loved connecting with such a beautiful group of people and learning in a non-judgemental environment surrounded by nature.

Sarah N ( Level 2) 


I have loved the workshop. There was lots of learning and practising. I was hoping to learn the different steps of a sound bath and what instruments would be great for that and its exactly what I learnt and more!  Being able to see so many different types of soundbaths was a once in a lifetime opportunity. There was great energy with all the participants. So thank you J

Anais ( Level 2) 


What I have learnt on this workshop could not have been learnt online. It’s totally pushed me out of my comfort zone but in turn has given me the confidence to “go it alone”

Remi  ( Level 2) 

I enjoyed this workshop very much. I feel that Sarah is a wonderful teacher and trainer. She has an extensive knowledge, patience and a great sense of humour. I was amazed at how she managed to bring 12 people together in heart in such a short space of time. She managed to make us feel very comfortable.

Aniko ( Level 1) 

I came into this as a complete novice and I am leaving feeling confident. Sarah is very knowledgeable and supportive

Elise  ( Level 1) 

What I have taken away form this is so much more than I ever thought. The knowledge, understanding and people you meet make this a truly unique experience.

Drew  ( Level 1) 

An excellent introductory course , sensitively and skilfully taught and facilitated. I loved the range of instruments we were able to try and practice as well as the good teaching and the simple structure and format. 

Julian ( Level 1) 

The group was so supportive and lovely. Sarah made everyone feel completely comfortable. The pace was well judged and I had a wonderful experience.

Hannah ( Level 1)


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