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with Sarah Sheldon 


Sound Healing

Discover this powerful tool that uses energetic frequency to create shifts on an emotional level as well as working to clear blockages within the body



Creating long lasting change by identifying and extracting limiting beliefs and installing new empowering suggestions 


Speak Up

Reclaim your authentic voice. Speak up for what you need in work and relationships and grow in confidence


In Person and Online Events 

Sound baths, drum circle, singing circle, music lessons and compositions


Soul Retrieval

The Shamanic practice of Soul retrieval allows you to come back home to yourself

Therapy Sessions
About You

Do you want to be able to express yourself with confidence and conviction? 

Are you a people pleaser who gets fed up with not feeling acknowledged or like you're unable to stand your ground?

Do you find the demands of life overwhelm you and you'd just like to take a breath and find your voice?

Do  you feel like its time for the real, creative, dynamic you to step forward so you can express all of who you are?

Whether you want more confidence, more clarity, more ways to express and empower yourself in your workplace or relationships, to free your voice to speak up and let the authentic you shine - its time to take action!

I also work with a range of other issues including fears, addictions and offer the Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval. Scroll down for an overview of my work and what I offer, or visit my Sound Healing, 

Soul Retrieval and Hypnotherapy pages to find out more.



Soundbaths and Events








If you're looking for information on upcoming Sound Baths, Drum Circle, Singing Circle or other events  click here 


or to find out about all my in person and online Sound baths join my Insta or Facebook Page 

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About Me

I'm Sarah- an eclectic mix of educator, musician and therapist. 

Awaken Your Song has grown out of a life long journey of discovery that combines these 3 passions, my own personal path to happiness and a desire to build up and serve others.  

Listen to me talk about my hypnotherapy and sound healing work here



Ways to work with Me

  • I offer both group and individual sessions. My speak up workshops are a great place to start your journey in developing your confidence and self expression.

  • If you are looking for an uplifting way to connect with yourself and know greater freedom of expression, try my drum and singing circles

  • To relax and de-stress, check out my in person and online sound baths.

  • If you would like to work on a deeper level to eliminate negative ideas you've been carrying about yourself, or to release old, stuck emotions /pain, then hypnotherapy and sound healing are your route to a powerful transformation.


Sound Healing Therapy


Speak Up Workshop

Sound Baths and Meditations

Soul Retrieval

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Sarah has a wonderful, calm manner and made me feel instantly at ease. Her therapy is unlike any I have experienced, and I immediately experienced a profound realisation that will change many things for me. I definitely recommend you see Sarah if you have any limiting beliefs. 

Anna S. Age 42

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